Abstract Cactus on Paper

To view this art, visit the artist's Studio/Gallery in Houston. Click on an image to enlarge the work.

Blue Cactus Blooms II Blue Cactus Blooms II
Prickly Pear III Prickly Pear III
Queen Anne Yucca Queen Anne Yucca
Saguaro Sun Dance II Saguaro Sun Dance II
Barrel Cactus Party Barrel Cactus Party
Ocotillo II Ocotillo II
Blue Cactus Blooms I Blue Cactus Blooms I
Saguaro Sun Dance I Saguaro Sun Dance I
Barrel Cactus with Cluster Barrel Cactus with Cluster
Prickly Pear IV Prickly Pear IV
Prickly Pear with Yellow Bloomsr Prickly Pear with Yellow Blooms
Yucca with Black Hills Yucca with Black Hills