Archives – Abstract Cubistic on Canvas

Cherries in a Lucite Bowl Cherries in a Lucite Bowl  
Cocktails for Two Cocktails for Two  
Cumquats Cumquats  
Deep Blue Sea I Deep Blue Sea I  
Deep Blue Sea II Deep Blue Sea II  
Flower Drum Flower Drum  
Kaleidoscope I Kaleidoscope I  
Kaleidoscope II Kaleidoscope II  
Moonglow Moonglow  
Pear I Pear I  
Pear in Mixing Bowl Pear in Mixing Bowl  
Pear Shadows Pear Shadows  
Red Guitar Red Guitar  
Red Plums Red Plums  
Red Wine, Blue Table Red Wine, Blue Table  
Spanish Apricots Spanish Apricots  
Three Pears in a Bowl Three Pears in a Bowl  
Voyage to Thebes Voyage to Thebes  
Wild Peaches Wild Peaches