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TED COWART 25 Years of Painting 1990 2015 In the 1990s my studio in the Southgate area of Houston became my paint- ing sanctuary. My first works were sold to clients of my design business or directly to interior designers. At that time Ardens did most of my framing. On the cover Formal gardens By 1998 a second home in Palm Springs California opened new directions in both subject matter and galleries. Behman Gallery and Art of the Desert in Palm Springs and Granger Gallery in Palm Desert exhibited my work. Desert sojourn Enchanted Entrance 1996 Mixed media on canvas 48 x 60 Private collection Barrel Cactus 1998 Mixed media on canvas 60 x 48 Private collection This series of cubistic-inspired paintings began in California and continued in Houston when I moved to a new home and studio in the Glendower Court area. At the same time Ardens opened a small fine art gallery which offered the perfect showcase for this unique body of work. Cubistic inspirations Spanish Apricots 2004 Mixed media on canvas 48 x 48 Private collection This body of work pulled from my memories of the fields I roamed as a child collecting plants and butterflies. The paintings were first exhibited at William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico then later at Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston. Fields and flowers Prairie Flower 2006 Mixed mediacollage on canvas 48 x 60 Private collection Figurative paintings have always held a strong attraction. Here I explored a series of figures with a distinctly tropical theme. Shown at Laura Rathe Fine Art as part of her exhibition in 2010 to benefit survivors of the Haiti earthquake they drew a very favorable response. Tropical figures Harvest III 2009 Mixed media on canvas 48 x 60 Private collection In 2011 I began painting trees which became a huge body of work that I explored in a variety of ways. This painting was placed by Kinzelman Art Consulting for one of their clients. Trees and leaves Leaves IV 2013 Oil on canvas 72 x 48 Private collection Pond Reflections a series of abstract paintings begun in 2012 evolved from my representational landscapes. This painting was a piece commissioned by Kathy Dimmitt Contemporary Art for one of her clients. Pond reflections Blue Pond Reflection 2014 Oil on canvas 36 x 50 Private collection All through my years of painting I continually return to the Texas landscape for inspiration. The variety of scenery and vegetation from desert to sea and from plains to heavily wooded forests offers endless opportunities for my paintings. Streams and bayous Blue Stream with Grasses 2014 Oil on canvas 48 x 60 In the past 25 years my paintings have gone into many national and interna- tional collections. I have also created commissioned pieces for collectors interior designers and art consultants. I am very grateful to all those who have supported and bought my work through the years. Thank you Ranchlands Spring Meadow IV 2014 Oil on canvas 48 x 48 As a boy the grassy fields of Montrose served as a studio for Ted Cowart. He traveled the neigh- borhood collecting as only a childs imagination can inspirations that would last a lifetime. Today keeping nature close at hand Ted has retreated into a studio above the trees an urban treehouse if you will. Nestled on the top floor of a Glendower Court townhome a cubbyhole of a space has become an ideal setting for this energetic seemingly tire- less artist. Light streams in from three sides. Trees and rooftops offer perspectives near and far. The high-vaulted space has oak paneling floor to ceil- ing offering a woodsy feel that Ted prefers. The studio overlooks a large patio which is critical as some of the larger canvases must be hoisted up from the street. The studio is calm peaceful until the work begins. With canvas primed and ready tube after tube of oil paint standing by a captivating creative energy takes over. Underpainting with sig- nificant strokes captures the essence of the paint- ing. Huge landscapes and insightful abstracts emerge under bold broad impetuous brush- strokes each one rapidly and decisively applied. Paint is splattered. Tubes are emptied. Brushes loaded with paint are discarded. Paintings appear bringing Teds view of the world for all to enjoy. For more information about the artist and where to find his work visit Urban treehouse the studio of Ted Cowart Having grown up near the Gulf Coast I find its captivating landscapes are my favorite to paint. The skies the rolling dunes wild grasses and whitecaps all mean home to me. Gulf Coast Water Land and Sky Wild Gulf Coast Grasses III 2015 Oil on canvas 60 x 48